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Specializing in the treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and Relationship Conflict.

Differs from normal feelings of uncertainty or nervousness, clinical anxiety involves persistent and excessive worry and fear about everyday occurrences or situations.


A persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.

Develop the necessary skills and tools to build and maintain rewarding relationships.

Couples work to understand how each partner is contributing to the challenges experienced in their relationship.

A normal although intense emotional experience resulting from an anticipated or unexpected loss.

Specific counseling done in advance of a wedding or marriage to help couples prepare for their marital relationship.

Brooke Galster-Boston, MA Professional Counselor Associate

I am passionate about assisting people in overcoming their personal struggles in order to live a more fulfilling life. I believe healthy relationships with family, friends, spouses, and ourselves are foundational.

My integration of cognitive behavioral theory with multiculturalism allows for sensitivity to clients struggles or challenges involving cultural issues.

I provide individual and couples therapy working with clients on issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life transitions, and relationship conflict. My focus begins with providing clients with a safe, supportive, and cooperative atmosphere where growth and healing can occur. 

Outside of work you can find me exploring new hiking trails, hosting gatherings for family and friends, and checking out local restaurants. I have an avid interest in volunteering within my local community. 


For any questions you have, you can reach us here:

Cypress Counseling Services

7972 SE 13th Avenue, Suite 104

Portland, OR 97202

(503) 217-4147

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